Margus Rump



Margus Rump was born in 1968 in Tartu. As an artist he is mainly self-educated and trained in Estonia and India. He works as a freelance artist since 1997 practising mainly oil, water-color and and pastel techniques.


The works of the artist belong to the private collections in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Germany, Italy, Russia, USA, Canada, India and Estonia.
Margus Rump's paintings carry in themselves new era cognition with mystical-visionary images. His paintings are often inspired by revelatory dreams and different spiritual theories. To find creative energy he has made several trips to India, which he sees as a primieval spiritual cradle of humanity. His paintings are synthesis of different spiritual-energetic symbols and signs presenting a motive of the eternal journey where progress alternates with contemplation. The frequently used symbols include itinerant monks, saints, solitary human figures, birds, open and bright sky. These are the mystical landscapes full of silence, purity, peace and harmony, yet they are not motionless.

Besides symbolistic pictures and light mandalas the artist has also painted landscapes and marine impressions. These paintings depict the joining of land and water, carry less color blaze and more piety for the primeval forces of nature.

"My paintings help people to reach their true nature," the artist has said. Inner peace comes through contemplation but also through pieces of art that amplify light and peace. Life as a pure process of being makes us search for the truth. We grow from a small fragile plant to a strong tree and bear fruit. The taste of the fruit depends on how wholesome life we have lived. The pictures are the symbols and signs of the Creator. The source of the creation is the Light that penetrates and connects everything. You are in the Light and the Light is in you. The Creator is One. The Light may take a form and shape, change itself and appear again in a new glory. Through the open nature we may perceive the oneness of all essence. Create but know the reason. The message has to be discovered by the spectator. These pictures bind together past, present and future.

The door is open, come in. The one who has eyes can see from light to Light.